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Unveiling Satoshi Airlines: Fly to Earn Beta App — Mine in the Skies! | by Satoshi Airlines

Fly to Earn Beta App is now officially launched!

You can download it on Android from the Google Play Store and start mining while you travel.

Download Link
*iPhone app is waiting approval.

1. Current features
-Fly to Earn rewards
-Attribute purchases
-Boosters,and referral rewards.

2. Upcoming features

-Flight reservation engine
-Aircraft leasing
-Airport Node & Runes
-Item purchases

3.How to use:

  • Download the app, register, and click the wallet icon at the top right to claim your faucet.
    -Mint NFT cards.
    -Choose your departure and destination airports for real flights.
    -Receive SAP token rewards upon check-out at the arrival airport.
    -For detailed instructions, visit this link

Please note that Beta app rewards are initially mined as Dummy NFTs.
Upon transitioning to the live app, contributions will be considered, and a portion will be converted to real SAP tokens.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey!

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