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Metaracing. Meta Racing is a new #BNB blockchain… | by 0xEunoia

Meta Racing is a new #BNB blockchain racing game. Completely changing the current state of GameFi :

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MetaRacing is a new contender in the field of NFT lotteries. This revolutionary platform mixes the excitement of NFT lottery with the thrill of motor racing. Users can buy CarBoxes to get a virtual car that they can use to compete in races. All CarBox purchasers are guaranteed to receive a vehicle. LootBoxes, which unlock exclusive cosmetic and performance enhancements, are also available for those who want to take their car to the next level. Those with the fastest cars are rewarded the most.

MetaRacing is a game that anyone, regardless of NFT expertise, can play. It’s simple to get started: simply purchase a CarBox and you’ll be on your way to racing. Each CarBox has a randomly generated virtual automobile with varying models and features. Some automobiles are quicker than others, while others are more nimble and built for endurance. It all comes down to the luck of the draw.

MetaRacing is a novel and intriguing approach to the realm of non-traditional lotteries. It blends the adrenaline rush of racing with the enjoyment of collecting and customizing virtual automobiles. With a flourishing economy and a dynamic community, it’s a game that’s likely to have gamers coming back for more.

Additionally, a giveaway is currently underway on in honor of the beta release of Metaracing. Every two weeks, Metaricing will kick off a sprint and dish out sweet rewards to the winners! Here’s the lowdown on the prize amounts Top 3 racers will receive 50 USDT! Top 20 racers will receive a free CarBox NFT!

cr : twitter @metaracing

Every month, the rewards will change. It all depends on how excited and involved our awesome community becomes! Prepare for the first sprint! It begins today and will last until November 14th. Finish those simple missions, and get some fantastic $USDT and CarBox #NFT rewards!

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