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Unlock Daily Bitcoin Earnings: Expert GoMining Solo Mining Strategies | by CryptoBoy | Coinmonks | Nov, 2023

In the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining remains a popular way to earn rewards. GoMining has taken this concept a step further by offering NFT holders the opportunity to mine Bitcoin without the need for specialized equipment. But that’s not all; GoMining has an exclusive online NFT game known as Solo Mining, which allows users to increase their daily income through clever strategies that offer significant discounts on mining fees. In this blog, we’ll explore the Solo Mining game mode and share tips on how to maximize your rewards.

Unlock Daily Bitcoin Earnings: Expert GoMining Solo Mining Strategies

To get started with Solo Mining in the GoMining app, you need to access the NFT Game. On the left-hand side bar, click the “Game” button. Initially, you’ll have only the Solo Miner game mode activated. Select this mode by clicking “Choose.”

Accessing the Game
Accessing the Game

Once inside the game, you’ll encounter a screen displaying your “Mining farm” visualized through a hash board. Several important metrics are available for you to monitor:

Understanding Your Mining Farm
Understanding Your Mining Farm
  • Mining Farm Level: This level is determined by the cumulative hash power of all NFTs in your wallet, ranging from level 1 to 20.
  • Discount Rate: Your discount rate for electricity is influenced by factors like your mining farm level, payment method for mining fees, and how often your mining farm is serviced.
  • Total Earnings: Keep track of your total earnings.

GoMining’s Solo Mining game mode offers several ways to maximize discounts on your mining fees. Here are the strategies to consider:

Maximizing Discounts
Maximizing Discounts

1. Pay Fees With GOMINING

Paying your daily mining fees with GOMINING gives you a generous 10% discount. This is the most significant discount available, and it only requires you to hold GOMINING tokens in your wallet and select GOMINING as your payment method.

2. Service Discount

The Service Discount is a simple method that can yield a decent discount if consistently executed. All you need to do is visit the NFT game once a day and click “Service” to earn a 0.3% discount. Over time, this discount can accumulate, reaching up to 3% per day. It’s a cost-free and easily accessible option for users.

3. Level Discounts

Level discounts are directly linked to your mining farm’s power, which may require an investment. Consider the impact of this discount when expanding your mining farm with more GoMining NFTs. As your mining farm’s TH/s increases, your level discount grows by 0.3% for each level. For users with substantial mining farms, this discount can significantly reduce costs. However, beginners should weigh the potential discount against the expenses of acquiring more NFTs.

4. Extra Discounts

Extra discounts are determined by community votes through veGOMINING votes. These votes have resulted in an additional discount of 2.48% for all solo miners. In total, you can accumulate over 20% in discounts using these four methods.

Play the Game, Earn More Bitcoin

GoMining’s NFT game provides solo miners with a unique opportunity to enhance their Bitcoin mining earnings. With various discount strategies available, you can maximize your GoMining NFT’s potential. Consider which strategies are most feasible for you and make the most of the discounts. To delve deeper into the world of GoMining NFTs, check out the full GoMining NFT FAQ, which covers both the solo mining game mode and details regarding the pool mining game mode.

Join GoMining, acquire NFTs, and embark on an exciting journey into the world of mining. Cultivate your mining empire, engage in thrilling NFT Game challenges, and unlock tangible Bitcoin rewards

Happy mining!

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