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Galactic Buzz #38: Latest NFT Alpha! | by Kometverse

Hey there!

Galactic Buzz is back, and we’re launching into a cosmic ride through the enchanting realms of NFT wonders.

This week’s highlights include Grapecoin’s upcoming presale, Ethereum’s record-breaking NFT volume, Tensorians on Solana spiking, Opensea’s tweet saga, and more. Fasten your seatbelts as we navigate the ecosystem of NFT marvels — it’s a journey you won’t want to miss!

  • The Global NFT marketplaces’ sales volume for the 7-day period is over $198.04M+.

Blur Season 2 is making waves with the launch of claimable rewards, and Pacman drops a bombshell — Blast, an L2 solution aimed at reducing transaction costs and constructing institutional-grade NFT perpetuals.

Blast has been set as a part of Blur S3 airdrop farming, and in an astonishing feat, it reached over $81 million in TVL and with 23k users in just one day!

Grapecoin is about to launch its presale on November 30th! The Grapes, the grape-themed NFT collection, briefly touched the stars at a dazzling 3.8 ETH all-time high before gracefully descending back to Earth. Don’t miss your chance to snag a piece of this celestial harvest, check the stats here ->

In a cosmic turn of events, the Ethereum NFT scene has witnessed a meteoric rise, with the 24-hour volume surging past 30 million ETH for the first time in months.

Here are the charts ->

Brace yourselves for the aftershocks as the NFT space continues to redefine the limits of the crypto universe!

Breaking free from gravitational constraints, Tensorians on the Solana blockchain experienced an exhilarating ~40% pump, reaching a dazzling 27 SOL.

Moonbirds announced “Talons,” a revolutionary reward system poised to replace nesting. Moonbirds are set to redefine the rewards landscape in the NFT universe!

Opensea’s tweet saga took an unexpected turn with the brief appearance and subsequent deletion of a tweet featuring the derivative project “Fatzukis.” Despite the tweet’s vanishing act, the collection witnessed a whopping 1,200 sales within 24 hours.

Now the big question — To go with Fatzukis or not with them? 🤔

That concludes our weekly NFT roundup, this week’s journey was nothing short of epic!

As we dock our interstellar vessel, remember — the NFT galaxy never sleeps. Until our next cosmic rendezvous, keep exploring, trading, and soaring to new heights in this boundless universe of digital marvels!

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Disclaimer: The Galactic Buzz provides news and updates from the NFT world. Always do your own research before making any investments.

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