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What does the DogeCoin token code sound like? «Twit Coin» — experimental rap and crypto-funk from Pan Amsterdam and Notahash | by notahash | Dec, 2023

Twit Coin — This is a collaborative experiment of Notahash and Pan Amsterdam, combining programming cipher, experimental hip-hop, rap, and jazz trumpet into a live funk composition. The track’s main melody (created using a synthesiser) is a converted code of the DogeCoin meme token, which originated as a joke and caught the attention of Elon Musk. The track ironizes the blockchain culture and future cryptocurrency of social network X (Twitter). The track was released on Def Pressé label, which works with artists such as Damu The Fudgemunk, Madison Washington, Grand am me, and others

The hash of the genesis block of DogeCoin, the main melody of the track, recorded with a synth part

Taking a 16-digit hash value, we divide our sound scale into numerical values from 1 to 9 and letter values from A to F, which are known to all classical and jazz musicians. How do we make a hash sound? Read the previous article

Pan Amsterdam is a creative alter ego in the experimental hip-hop genre belonging to renowned American jazz trumpeter, vocalist, and composer Leron Thomas.

Leron has played with Billy Harper, and toured as part of the ‘Mama’s Gun World Tour’ concert tour of the gorgeous Erykah Badu. Played with Roy Hargrove, Charles Tolliver. Recorded with Bobby Watson. Recorded with French producer GUTS and toured the world with the GUTS live band performing his hit song ‘Man Funk’. Leron is the musical director of Iggy Pop and wrote and produced most of Iggy Pop’s album ‘Free’

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