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DICE Owners Get ready to Multiply and Maximize your $BLOCK | by BlockGames | Dec, 2023

3X to 10X DICE Airdrop Multipliers revealed

Pop the champagne (if you have any), crank up the bass, and get ready to party because today we’re celebrating the Dice NFT Multiplier reveal — the one that allows you to multiply your $BLOCK.

We’re not financial advisors, but we recommend holding on tight to your DICE NFT if you have one. You’ll need it to maximize your experience of the BlockGames Player Network, powered by $BLOCK.

The clock has stopped ticking and our die-hard devs have updated the all-important DICE NFT metadata.

Now DICE owners can see their multipliers in full color for the first time.

All DICE have been allocated a multiplier of at least 3X. Owners who met all of the conditions set out at the beginning of the campaign have a chance to receive a higher multiplier — up to a maximum of 10X.
The logic used for the distribution of multipliers was based on the following priority and ratings criteria for each DICE NFT minted on OpenSea.

  • The last transfer date of the DICE
  • Whether its status was listed for sale or unlisted
  • Whether or not permissions were given or revoked by holders on OpenSea

In a nutshell, since the final snapshot was taken on November 28, the multipliers have been allocated as follows:

  • 10x — 3%
  • 9x — 4%
  • 8x — 5%
  • 7x — 10%
  • 6x — 12%
  • 5x — 15%
  • 4x — 20%
  • 3x — 31%

Even those who had their DICE listed for sale the entire time, or hadn’t owned their DICE for more than a few days (31%) are guaranteed a minimum 3X multiplier.

Those who minted their DICE in the first two days from the launch day and kept them unlisted got the highest priority and the highest chances of being in the top tiers. Anyone with the highest priority who didn’t get a 10X would get a 9X multiplier, and so on, until all allocations were filled.

You can go ahead and view your multiplier as follows:

  1. Head to OpenSea and login
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. View your DICE
  4. Click on the ‘levels’ section to see your NFT info and multiplier

From this point, your multiplier won’t change. You don’t need to do anything either; DICE owners will be automatically entered into our free Airdrop. So just keep hold of your DICE, use it to gain access to the Player Network, explore games and earn rewards, and simply wait. For the precise timing of the Airdrop stay current by following our Twitter and Discord socials, we’ll make all related announcements there.

Sometimes, it’s the case that you won’t be able to see your metadata, as in the new details related to your NFT, including your multiplier status. This is because metadata does not get automatically refreshed by OpenSea. A simple solution for this is to push the metadata refresh yourself. Simply head to the top three dots in the right-hand corner, and select refresh metadata from the drop-down menu.

In rare cases, you might need to do a hard refresh. Here’s a useful article that explains how.

So why have we been doing all of this? It’s simply our way of saying a big THANK YOU to our loyal community members who have been with us through the early development and delivery stages of BlockGames and demonstrated faith in our vision.

We’ve made no secret that delivering value to our community is central to our purpose. The DICE NFT, which was given to whitelisted members for free, is something that has already given back a lot of value. But we wanted it to do more, so we set it up to unlock even more real rewards ahead of our 2024 TGE. Call it something to look forward to.

Anyone who has been keeping a close eye on BlockGames’ DICE on Opensea will know that our gently dancing cubes have accelerated to a whirling dervish when it comes to trading volume. Last time we looked, just 2% of DICE NFTs were listed for sale, and nearly 5000 ETH had changed hands on OpenSea, more than $10M since our autumn launch. Talk about seeing the year out with a bang!

If all of this wasn’t enough, DICE holders get access to the BlockGames Player Network for the first time this week when our MAINNET launches! There, they can explore an ever-expanding suite of games, and check out the generous rewards mechanisms available across all games. DICE holders should also get ready to be able to do good by giving their friends and connections access when the moment arrives. So tell them to buckle up and get ready for the ride, because this feature is coming soon.

Currently, this is the only way for people to enter the Player Network, and is also one more to thank our community. We thought it was only right to reward the loyalty of our DICE owners by giving them this exclusive privilege — not to mention permanent bragging rights — for being integral to laying the foundations of what we believe will be the biggest and most successful mobile gaming network in the world, bringing the best of Web2 and Web3 games closer together.

BlockGames is the world’s first cross-chain, cross-game Player Network, accelerating user acquisition for games and real rewards for players.

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