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Ice Girlz White Paper. Dive into a realm where the streets are… | by Ice Girlz | Jan, 2024

Dive into a realm where the streets are alive with the pulse of urban creativity, traditional tattoo art intertwines with the spirit of anime, and a sisterhood of fierce characters takes the spotlight. Ice Girlz is not just a collection. It’s a celebration of strength, resilience, and individuality, portrayed through cold-blooded women who defy conventions.

The Ice Girlz collection is a new Polygon-based project that blends art with a strong sense of community, fostering an immersive digital experience for holders and NFT enthusiasts.

❄️ ART

Art is the ultimate utility, and the central emphasis of the Ice Girlz will always be its commitment to delivering a unique experience to holders, with regular airdrops featuring artwork and special editions that will build the imagery of the Ice Girlz world.

The project’s creations draw inspiration from urban culture, anime, and traditional tattoos, creating a fusion of diverse artistic elements that give each piece a unique character. The Ice Girlz art is a journey through a kaleidoscope of influences, inviting collectors to explore contemporary trends and timeless traditions within the vivid world we are crafting.

We believe in the potential of artistic encounters with other projects as catalysts for innovation, creativity, and community growth. That’s why we are always looking forward to collab with other artists. Through artistic collabs, we aim to attract new enthusiasts and to create compelling narratives, further enriching the overall experience for collectors and fostering a collaborative spirit within the NFT world. Art is the way!


Beyond its artistic endeavour, the Ice Girlz project is dedicated to cultivating a chill and inclusive community, fostering connections among people who share a passion for art and creativity and a will to contribute to the collective growth of the project. By being a part of the community, the members will also get access to games, giveaways and exclusive rewards.


The Ice Girlz project consists of one primary collection and two side collections.

  1. Ice Girlz — Main collection of 9.999 Ice Girlz (ERC-721)
  2. Ice Girlz Most Wanted — Side collection with special 1/1s (customs, collabs, special pieces) (ERC-721)
  3. Ice Girlz Specials — Side collection with editions (airdrops, games prizes) (ERC-1155)


Our goal is to create an ecosystem where every collector feels the thrill of ownership as well as the practical value that makes being a part of this project truly special. It’s about making your journey in the NFT space more exciting and rewarding.

Here are the principal utilities of the Ice Girlz:

  1. Art — Regular airdrops for the holders
  2. Community — Join a chill community with games, giveaways and more
  3. Staking — Holders will be able to stake their Ice Girlz to gain FRO$T
  4. Marketplace — Holders will be able to spend their FRO$T on our marketplace to purchase raffle tickets and special editions
  5. Storytelling — We are building a vivid world for the Ice Girlz, with short stories and lore details. Holders will also take part in the world-building process through their choices.


We chose Polygon for its lightning-fast transactions and low fees, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective experience for our community. This chain also hosts a vibrant and inclusive community of people and projects that share a love for art, creativity and helping each other. Let’s all ride the Purple Wave together!


Total supply = 9.999 Ice Girlz

Mint day = January 30th

Public price = 10 Matic

OG/WL price = 8 Matic (max 2 mints per wallet for each phase)

Where = Our server

We decided to host the mint on our server to be fully in control of the experience the users will have.


After the mint, we will focus on the rapid implementation of staking and the marketplace to provide our community with versatile features. At the same time, we will actively craft exclusive art airdrops as a token of appreciation for our holders. We will also do new collabs with other collections to expand our artistic narrative and attract a broader audience to the Ice Girlz. Our post-mint strategy is a blend of feature development, artistic enrichment, and strategic partnerships to create a dynamic and engaging experience for our holders.


In the long term, our goals involve expanding the narrative by cultivating an ecosystem of diverse collections, thereby continuously enriching the world we are creating. The following collection, accessible exclusively to Ice Girlz holders, will be distributed either through airdrops or made available for minting via FRO$T. While additional details will be disclosed in the future, an easter egg can be discovered on the Roadmap image.


Walking Ice CreamArtist and owner

Italian graphic designer with a passion for turning dreams, fears and lust into colorful illustrations. Been in the Polygon space for almost 2 years.


Italian developer who is all about coding while having love affairs with vegan tacos and tabasco sauce.

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