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BOUNTY OPENED 🤘 cXc Artists + Music Lovers: Earn 50–500 WAX in 🟣 PURPLE | by cXc Music | Mar, 2024

💰Bounty: 50 WAX in PURPLE

💰 Bounty: 100 WAX in PURPLE (50 if not using standard)

Max 450 WAX in PURPLE per artist! That’s three songs.

Make sure you post on at the location recorded.

💰 Bounty: 25 WAX in PURPLE (max 2 per music lover)

Instructions: Find music you truly love on Share the link on your social media, on at least three different platforms. You can post one place and then share that elsewhere, posting on Twitter and sharing that tweet on Facebook and Reddit.

Accepted Social Networks: Telegram, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr

💰 Bounty: 50–250 WAX in PURPLE (Pay by quality of post * reach, max 2 per person)

Instructions: Create original content around cXc or our broader impact, including the artist that use our platform. The content must be focused on cXc, but can highlight artists and their work. This could be in Instagram reel where are you talk about cXc, or a written post about cXc.

Accepted Content: Must link to our, or to at least two links from our linktree, like a link to the NFT map, and a link to our NFT collection. Must be a quality post without plagiarism.

When you’re done, report in this channel:

Artist rewards require that you are the artist, member of the group, or manager of the artist/group. We reserve the right to deny any entry we feel is against what cXc stands for. We have a set rewards budget of 5000 PURPLE, after used up, promotion will end. Promotion may end without public announcement. Get in early to avoid disappointment. Please allow one week for review of submissions.

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